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Carolina Alves

Concept Art // 3D Modelling // Texturing // Environmental Designs

"A Portuguese House" Project

"Uma Casa Portuguesa" Carolina Alves 2022

My most recent project, entitled "Uma Casa Portuguesa" ("A Portuguese House"), is inspired by the lyrics of Fado Music singer Amalia Rodrigues. In the song she describes what a Portuguese house looks like and, in a way, how the people behave. She describes that though the people do not have much, they are humble and will never reject company at their house. 

In this project I used different programs for this result namely Procreate and Blender.

Concept Art




In a Portuguese home, it looks good

to have bread and wine on the table.

and if someone humbly knocks at the door,

we invite them to sit at the table with us

This frankness looks good, so good ,

the frankness which people never deny

the joy of poverty

is this great richness

of being generous and feeling happy


Four whitewashed walls,

a sweet smell of rosemary,

a bunch of golden grapes

two roses in a garden,

a statue of St. Joseph in ceramics

and the sun of the spring in addiction ...

a promise of finding kisses

two open arms waiting for me

This is a Portuguese home, certaily!

This is, surely, a Portuguese home!


In the humble comfort of my home,

there is the plenty of affection.

and the curtain of the window is the moonlight,

and also the sun, that shines on it ...

Just a little is enough to cheer

such a simple existence

It's simply love, bread and wine

and the cabbage soup, so greenish

smoking from the bowl.

Modelling and Texturing
3D Asset Vase_edited.jpg
3D Asset Chair.png

"Valley of Yesterday" Project

"Valley of Yesterday" Carolina Alves 2019

"Valley of Yesterday" was my final project of my 3 year 3D Animation and Games course at Middlesex University. It is a small environment that depicts the land that once belonged to an indigenous tribe in Montana, USA. 

For this project I used Maya, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine 4 and ZBrush.

Concept Art

Dirt Texture 1

Teepee Texture

Dirt Texture 2

Other Concepts and Drawings


3D Environment inspired by "Gravity Falls" using Pixel Art technique


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